A gut decision.


It’s such a struggle now to find something new to say about the Independence debate. It’s a struggle for the leaders of both camps too when we watch them repeat all the same half-truths and soundbites on every channel every day of the week. It gets boring. I have struggled too with my decision and I am by no means certain but I have to vote or my future will be decided by someone else. Let’s be honest with each other here and admit that certainty is impossible when experts are lining up on both sides of the argument. In the end there is too much information and it’s impossible to know what biases it all comes with so if your eventual decision is different to mine then I truly understand that and accept the majority democratic view. On Friday we must all move forward together. In the end it is a gut decision when we weigh up everything we have seen and heard for our whole lives and subconsciously feel our way to a decision. That’s all we can do and hope for the wisdom of crowds. For what it’s worth I am voting YES and here is why…..

I have watched both sides of the debate with interest and one thing is clear to me and that is that the YES campaign offers at least the possibility of being something different whereas the NO campaign has reinforced my long held view that Westminster is now a political monoculture where the full spectrum of millionaire opinion is displayed. When I look at Salmond, Harvie, Sheridan – and eventually Davidson & Lamont – I realise that in a PR Scottish Parliament there is a real spectrum of opinion there to shape a different future for Scotland. Maybe eventually we will discover that corporations really do rule the world and we’ll be back to square one but if we stay in the UK I think we’re all circling the drain anyway.



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