Dr Who

Well either I am following entirely the wrong sort of people on Twitter or the world and his wife seem rather positive about the casting of Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. (He is not called Dr Who!) I am over the moon for all sorts of reasons but chiefly because he is 55. In one stroke this does away with idea that you couldn’t cast older nowadays. To be fair he does not look as decrepit as William Hartnell did at 55 or even Patrick Troughton at 46 when he started. He actually looks capable of running – which is a staple of New Who – and he has some serious acting chops so what’s to worry about? My 11 year-old thinks he looks nice and my 9 year-old is more worried about the fact that he had played 2 parts in the Whoniverse already than his age so that bodes well. They just seem excited to see a new guy and another Scotsman to boot. My reasoning for being so happy is that I have felt for a while that the whole young Dr and companion romantic interest angle was played out. If Clara falls for 12 then that’s a whole new dynamic but hopefully we’ll move away from that and, in time, away from the young female companion too. I did love Amy & Rory but I also loved Donna & Wilf. There are lots more possibilities out there and THAT is what Dr Who should be all about.



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