Retro Fatherhood

One of the best things about being a father of boys is when they develop a love for something you loved yourself at their age. This is not such a common occurrence as you might think as the equivalent would be me developing a love of John Wayne movies or Elvis (neither of which I did) but sometimes it does happen. At the moment I have a 9 year-old who is obsessed with Spider-Man, Lego and Back to the Future all of which I can relate to although only the love of Back to the Future persists into Adulthood with me. Today we discovered that the Lego Cuusoo Back to the Future set is coming out next week so I have been scouring the ‘net trying to find one. I suspect the initial shipment will sell out really fast but I’ve had a good look at it on a few websites and it is a really cool toy but it has one really strange mistake in it… The destination clock is set for 1958!!! How on earth did that get through? I presume Bob Gale had to sign off on it before manufacture so I don’t understand how such a huge cock up occurred. Nonetheless it should provide an ideal father/son building opportunity. In the meantime we are re-watching the trilogy on DVD and I have ordered the Bluray version which is now only a tenner on Amazon. Bargain!!!



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