The best comeback since Hogan was hit by a bus.

So I have decided to start a wee blog since I sometimes find the character limit on Twitter a bit limiting. I also find the idea of people constantly Tweeting on one subject tiresome (I’m looking at you Richard Dawkins.) so expect an eclectic mix from this site. I am thinking about doing the OU Creative Writing course later this year so this is just some practice.

Today I have been mostly thinking about how incredible the comeback of Tiger Woods has been this year. His winning percentage is so good that he is currently 9 years ahead of Snead’s pace and might overtake his record by this time next year. (If not before.) it was only last year that I felt he was done and McIlroy was the new Golden Child but what he has achieved over the last 12 months has been quite astounding and reinforced just how far ahead of everyone else he is even when he is, arguably, no longer in his prime. His current lead over McIlroy in the World Rankings would actually be 1.5 points more were it not for the minimum number of Tournaments they count being 4 more than Tiger has actually played. Quite astounding. I am a huge fan of Jack Nicklaus but I now have to concede that his playing record is almost certainly going to be demoted to #2 by the time Tiger is done and that’s saying something.



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